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Monty's Deli | NewPlacesToBe London
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A famous poet once said: ‘Tired of London, tired of life’. There’s no place in the world with such a creative buzz as the UK capital. That makes London the ideal place for hotspotting. Where to eat, where to sleep, where to shop? Londonista An Bogaerts leads the way.

Monty’s Deli


What? Before reading this article, please beware that it is not suited for sensitive vegetarian readers. Or any vegetarians for that matter. The main ingredient at the Jewish New York style Monty’s Deli is sliced salted beef or the smoked variety pastrami. They are served – or stacked – in homemade sandwiches or bagels and topped with mustard sauces, coleslaw and pickles. In 2012, Monty’s Deli started out as a food stall at Maltby Street Market. Thanks to Kickstarter the owners raised enough money for this first brick Monty’s in East London.

Looks? With a menu that mainly consists of sandwiches, salads and soups, Monty’s is not really the perfect spot for a long, romantic dinner. So why go to Monty’s Deli? Because lunch is so fantastic and generously portioned that you no longer fancy a long, romantic dinner at night. The interior design is hip and very NewYork-ish with a large L-shaped counter and brown leather sofa’s. The counter is the best spot to experience how every Jewish specialty is made from scratch.


What else? We tried the Reuben (a toast sandwich with meat, cheese, coleslaw and mustard) and the Classic (meat, coleslaw and Russian sauce) and will never order anything else again. For the real die-hard carnivores you can always add a side of chopped liver.

INFO Tue to Sat from 11am to 3pm and from 8pm to 10pm, Sat from 11am to 4pm and from 6pm and 10pm, Sun from 11am to 4pm

227-229 Hoxton Street
N1 5LG Hoxton

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+44 20 7729 5737 website

Monty’s Deli Monty’s Deli